Healthy patients. Healthy bottom line

See how our easy-to-use, turnkey remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) systems can help your patients—and your practice—thrive.

What is NVOLVE?

A turnkey service offering easy-to-use, remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) solutions that securely record and report on everything from patient pain levels, activity, sleep and more.

Patients can

  • Stay connected between visits
  • Feel empowered to participate in their health care
  • Take comfort knowing they are constantly monitored

Practices can

  • Enjoy incremental revenue with no upfront costs
  • Enhance your practice’s workflow and productivity
  • Reduce readmission rates
  • Improve quality of care and outcomes for patients

What is remote physiologic monitoring?

The use of digital technologies to collect health data from individuals and electronically transmit that information securely to healthcare providers for evidence based, individualized treatment recommendations.


of hospitals and health solutions are investing in RPM technology*

A personalized experience

Patients use a wearable device that communicates with the easy-to-read NVOLVE Dashboard.

Patients receive: daily pain assessments, optional medication reminders, and feedback as they progress each week.