Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies & Testimonials

Provider and customer testimonials

Customer testimonials

  • I believe the watch saved my life. I got up and saw the flashing red heart for abnormal heart rate. I called my doctor who sent me to urgent care. They called an ambulance and sent me to hospital where I was shocked. I was in A-Fib and they needed to cardiovert me. I am so thankful for everything.

    Brenda – patient
  • You guys don’t look at me as a number. You take the extra time and give that personal connection that other people don’t and that really really does more than you guys will ever know.

    Amy – patient
  • I did not know my oxygen levels were even an issue, I would have not known about sleep apnea without the watch, I would not have known to discuss my levels with my doctor. When I had the sleep study it showed I stopped breathing 6 times within one hour. I am in the process now of getting a CPAP machine. I am very happy with the watch and very glad I have it.

    Richard – patient

Provider testimonials

The Visit Prep sheets are a way to show my patients that they can increase their activity without the fear of increased pain. I can physically hand them the summary and show them that there is no significant pain increase on the days where they have more activity.

Kirk Harum, MD

Crystal Coast Pain Management

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has proven to be a valuable adjunct in the management of patients with chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. Rpm is a cost-effective, patient-centric anxiety-reducing, and physician-extending service. It provides patients with a sense of belonging and connectivity, provides real time feedback on symptoms and potential complications and thereby decreases overall cost of care. We are currently using this service for postoperative total joint replacement, the ongoing management of osteoporosis or brittle bones, and other chronic conditions.

L. Andrew Koman, MD

Professor and Chair Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Executive Director Musculoskeletal Service Line
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Remote patient monitoring significantly enhances and augments the chronic pain patient experience with their provider. Patients have embraced, without exception, the ability to monitor their pain, ADLs, and physiologic parameters on a a daily basis and know that it is being monitored by their HCP. impressively, RPM has picked up several health issues with patients that we simply would not have known with any other format. I am a true believer in RPM as a valuable healthcare tool for our chronic pain patients.

Richard Rauck, MD

Carolinas Pain Institute