“I went from I can’t to I can.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without having the NVOLVE reminders while having the flu and feeling deathly sick. They helped me get out of bed and take my medicine, and I think that’s why I am feeling much better; so they definitely help and work for me.”

“I seldom miss my medication now, I try to take them early. Since using NVOLVE, it has helped me with my daily routine of taking my medicine, and I think it would help with that even more down the road, because right now I feel like I’m becoming more and more forgetful; not just with remembering to take my pills, but just in general.”

“This has also been a stepping-stone for better behaviors…Using NVOLVE gave me incentive to sit at my kitchen table to eat, instead of standing, or sitting on the couch, this created new healthy behaviors for me. I like the design of it, it doesn’t look like it’s from the 18th century!”
“I no longer have to wonder or remind her about her medications.  I fill her pill-box once a week and the rest is up to NVOLVE.”

“All in all the NVOLVE system has helped me get used to my new lifestyle. You caught me right after I had an accident, was hospitalized, and had to go to several different doctors. They changed my medicine a lot, and going through all of that was a lot of hell. But at my age, I feel like there’s going to be even more changes. I can’t drive anymore either, so my life has completely changed; NVOLVE helped me through the process with the reminder system, which helps with my memory.”

“Using the NVOLVE pillbox container helped me to think and take my meds beforehand. For example, if I had to go somewhere, like to my moms, or to bible study, I knew to take my meds before or sooner, instead of later. It gave me a mental note to remember to take my meds.”