NVOLVE Minders

A Virtual Care Team.


Minders is our flexible medication reminder system and is the core of NVOLVE.

Within the NVOLVE web application, you manage a list of your contacts: family, friends, and/or caregivers. These contacts are your virtual care team who can provide support in your medication journey.

You also manage your medication schedule through our web application. Let us know what time you would like to receive your reminders and in what format: phone call, text message, or email.

Escalation occurs when we do not hear from you during a reminder period. You choose whom (if anyone) from your virtual care team will receive escalations. They may also receive them as phone calls, text message, or emails.

Your virtual care team can also have access to your adherence reports, if you allow it.

If you have a morning dose that you normally take at 9:00 AM and you take it correctly:

  1. Minders calls you at 9:00 AM to remind you to take your medication
  2. If you reply that you have taken it, you will not hear from Minders again until 9:00 AM tomorrow

If you forget your morning dose:

  1. Minders calls you at 9:00 AM
  2. You reply "No" or ignore the phone call
  3. A second reminder call happens at 9:30 AM
  4. Minders will also escalate the reminder with a call/text/email to members of your virtual care team (whom you have designated) at 9:30 AM

Any of your devices: Whether you have a cell phone, landline, or prefer to use your computer, Minders works with any device.