NVOLVE Monitor

Seamless Advanced Monitoring.


Designed for Seniors

We understand the importance of routine with patients taking many different medications. We especially understand how important this routine is for seniors who have taken their medication the same way for years. When we designed Monitor, we focused on passive technology that would not require any extra steps or any new technology to learn.

Monitor is simply a new place to store your medication box, we take care of the rest.

Seamless Technology, Advanced Monitoring

Monitor is designed to work seamlessly with NVOLVE Minders. Once activated, it will watch when medication is being taken. If doses are taken early, reminders from Minder will not be sent for that dosing period.

In addition to ensuring you take your medication on time, Monitor will ensure medication is taken correctly. Monitor helps us keep an eye on how medication is taken through our advanced sensors. If we detect that doses have been taken incorrectly, e.g. an entire day's worth of medication taken at once, we have an Incorrect Dose series of escalations that will go out through NVOLVE Minders.