Designed for Seniors.


Ergonomic from the outside in

Each NVOLVE Medication Box is wrapped in a notebook cover, like a 3-ring binder, which makes it easier to pick up and to store. The cover includes a clear-view wrap, allowing you to slide medication lists or emergency contact information into the cover.


Removable Daily Containers

If you are spending the day out of the house, simply put the removable daily dose container into your pocket or purse so your medication will be with you at your next dosing time. For those with limited dexterity, a tab at the end of each container makes it easy to remove.


Easy to Use

Daily dosing containers are translucent so you can see your medication at a glance. Each also includes 4 different ways of identifying dosing times: number, text, icon, and braille. Lids were designed to be opened with your finger or a countertop.